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April 2014
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What is progressive in terms of cooking?  Is it molecular?  Is it looking back to move forward?  Is it a bong full of whiskey?  This was our topic on this podcast, which was graciously hosted by Eddie Lau. ( Amy Brown was there, as well as Katrina Dixon. (@ramekinparty)  There was food, and booze, and laughs.  Things were pretty loose for, oh, 15 minutes or so...but its all entertainment.  Enjoy.

Opening music is Mullet Head by The Beastie Boys
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We've only done a couple of off site podcasts, but this was the first time we left the 415 altogether.  Amy and I had an interesting drive up to Santa Rosa, where we hung out at Salinia with wine maker Kevin Kelley and wine writer Jon Bonne. 

There is an absurd amount of information crammed into this podcast...If you cook, and you feel like you dont understand wine as much you would like, this might help.  And of course, we cap it off with plenty of sillyness at the end.

Opening music is "Damaged Goods" by Gang of Four.
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The best podcasts we do are the ones where almost nothing is planned, everyone loses track of time, and the conversation flows the whole time.  This is certainly one of those podcasts.  Marcia Gagliardi, (who writes Tablehopper) was our guest this time around.  Also at the table was Eddie Lau (of Hot Food Porn) and Corey Nead.  Marcia spoiled us with cheese, sparkling wine, and manhattans...and mixed the drinks out of her very awesome vintage executair traveling bar.  

1:27 –

8:18 – an unusual amount of time on love parade

9:54 – Do you think we could?

12:20 – What’s your favorite place to drink a Manhattan?

14:23 – Inspiration from the internet?

22:18 – Bustling.

23:00 – What food media do ya’ll consume?

27:32 – Chefs who go the TV route.

29:50 – What is your path, Richie?

33:12 – Corey’s path.

34:28 – Eddie’s.

36:06 – Is that like my ass?

41:28 – Top 3 Cookbooks.

1:02:00 – The female chef thing.

intro music is Award Tour by A Tribe Called Quest


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 Well, i've never recorded a disclaimer for my podcast, but I suppose it was only a matter of time.  This is certainly something different for us--a podcast centered around sex, and it's relation to food.  There is little talk of restaurants, or professional cooking.  But what you lose there you make up for in fun, interesting content.  So dont be a prude.  Give it a listen.

2:42 – Handjobs.  Enough said.

4:32 – Twitter questions

12:45 – What is a lifetime supply of KY?

16:22 – You are a pervert

22:54 – Hanky Codes

31:40 – March 14th

41:22 – No titties?

46:45 – That’s gonna be an interesting dish.

58:00 – Eater National

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Here's a change.  Instead of last season's multi-guest podcasts, this time around it was just Amy and I.  We've only done two other podcasts like this (with Corey and Speez) but they have a nice feel to them.  Topics this time around were changes in kitchen dynamics when cooks and chefs leave, cooking for self vs cooking for the guest, chef cliches, and many twitter questions answered.

3:35 - Calling Corey
6:00 - An email/Changes in the kitchen
15:39 - That question I asked you earlier.../Cooking for self
21:08 - Look at all the people on the Twitters
23:03 - Chef cliches
32:55 - OUR twitter friends?

No podcast next week, but we'll be back the first week in October.

Opening song:  Robots In the Garden by Autolux
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Ah yes, the start of our "second season" of podcasts.  Our schedule is going to be a little more erratic this time around, but I also think everything is going to go a little smoother now...better content, new guests, and more listener interaction.

Guests this time were Chad Hutchinson, who has worked at Gary Danko, Town Hall, and sous'd with me at Pres A Vi.  Ann Merrell also made her podcast debut.  And of course, Corey and Amy were there too.

Topics were:
Pres A Vi - 6:30
A New Kind of Restaurant - 11:24
Street Food - 13:30
Everyone Loves Brandon Jew - 23:25
Declining Standards? - 25:14
What is Rustic? - 39:45
What did I Miss? - 46:36
Market Report! - 48:01
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Wow, 14 podcasts.  This is the end of "season 1" of the linecook podcast.  It's a fun one--recorded over Skype, which caused some serious headaches in the first ten minutes.  (I edited all that mess out.)  Our guests were Francis Lam from Gourmet Magazine, Ginger Pierce, chef de cusine at 5 Points in NYC, and her boyfriend Preston, the chef de cuisine at Freeman's.  There is some hissing on the recording and the what not, but whatever. 

Topics were street food, brunch, and banging the chonch.  You'll see.

We'll be back in July with more for you.  Thanks for listening.

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"Just follow your stomach, and trust your instincts...and lean on your experience and knowledge.  And that's why it doesn't matter if it's TGI Fridays or French Laundry."
-Ryan Farr

If you ever wanted to know what it's like to hang out with a bunch of cooks and chefs, this is what it's like.  We talk about a lot of stuff, but mostly it's just a bunch of guys chatting over drinks together.  This one is one my personal favorites.

The crew was Eddie, Ryan, Matty Conway, Corey Nead, and Eddie Dick.  And a special call-in from Amy Brown!

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"When you do what you do because you love to do it, people pick up on that." -Michael Black

When we left Sebo on Friday night, we were buzzing. (literally and figuratively.)  Listening to Mike and Danny talk was interesting, and funny, and informative.  It was a big crew:  Mike, Danny, Natalie Trousdale, Speez, Goose, Corey, and me.  They were very gracious, providing food (medai heads, a half tray of uni!) and the drinks.  This podcast is largely un-edited, except for a chunk at the end that sounded distorted.  There is the sound of the hood in the background, and a lot of glasses clinking and slamming.  Whatever.

Topics covered:  sushi, cooking, tradition, etc.

Intro music is "Sarah" by Diplo 

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Wow, what a change.  Kevin Kelley and Wolfgang Weber came out to podcast with us, and we had our first non bourbon and beer soaked podcast.  Sadly, Amy had to miss this one, so Corey and I hung out with the boys, talked wine, and had some laughs.  Topics covered were all things wine, organics, and why crocs suck.

Audio quality is very nice, so I think our recording troubles are over. (knock on wood)

Next week we head to Sebo late night to chat with Michael Black--our first off site podcast.  The following week is hopefully the Ryan Farr/Eddie Lau re-record, and following that should be our East Coast-Skype recording.  Then things get wacky for me (weddings, time off, etc) and for Corey (baby!) so we'll see what happens. 
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